About Us

Who doesn't love cool stuff!?

We've often found ourselves snickering at novel products while scrolling through our Facebook feed and we always thought... "I'm not sure I need that, but I know that I want it!". This was the birth of i Love Cool Stuff!

Our goal is to bring you a range of snicker-worthy products which are well priced and good quality. Back this up with great customer service and we think we've got a winning formula. Please contact us with any feedback or product recommendations.


* i Love Cool Stuff was built by the team at the 
Insaka eCommerce Academy as a demonstration website to show how a great looking website can be built and launched relatively easily if you follow Insaka's guidelines. This website is fully operation and orders will be fulfilled. Customer service and expertise is given by the Insaka team - because they too love cool stuff!

This eCommerce site was built following the step-by-step process of the "Your Online Store" eCommerce course by Insaka.